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Setting up ModTool

ModTool consists of two parts; the part that can export mods and the part that can find and load mods.

The exporter is created automatically, on a per game basis. ModTool creates a Unity package containing everything that's needed to create mods for your game.

Importing ModTool

To begin using ModTool, just import the Unity Package. After that, you can start configuring it and generate a Mod exporter for your game. Use ModManager to find and eventually load mods.

See the included example for a quick overview of the package.


In the settings window you can configure the things ModTool needs to know about the game.


Here you can set up restrictions (see Setting up Restrictions ), the game's API assemblies you want to include, supported platforms and the types of content you allow to be included.

In API Assemblies you can include Assembly Names for the game's API assemblies. These should be DLL files that can provide some kind of interface to the game, or editor tools you want to include. The API Assemblies will be included in the created exporter and are also used for code validation when loading the mod.

The Assembly name should be the Assembly's simple name. Not the display name, fully qualified name or file name. The simple name is the name that has been configured in the Visual Studio project. It's usually the same as the file name without the extension.