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ModTool.Exporting.Editor Namespace

Namespace that contains Types for the mod exporter.
Public classAsset
Public classCreateBackup
Public classEditorModPlatformExtensions
Extension methods for ModPlatform.
Public classExport
Public classExportData
Class that stores data during the exporting process.
Public classExportSettings
Stores the exporter's settings.
Public classExportStep
Public classGetContent
Public classImportScripts
Public classModExporter
Main class for exporting a project as a mod.
Public classProductSettings
A class that represents the game-specific settings for the exporter.
Public classRestoreProject
Public classStartExport
Public classSupportedModContentExtensions
Extension methods for SupportedModContent.
Public classSupportedModPlatformExtensions
Extension methods for SupportedModPlatform.
Public classUpdateAssets
Public classVerify
Public enumerationSupportedModContent
Represents supported content types.
Public enumerationSupportedModPlatform
Represents supported platforms.