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Creating an exporter

The Mod Exporter is the package modders will use to export their assets and code, so they can be used as Mods in your game.

The package includes everything that's needed to create mods for your game. Mainly the ModTool exporter dll that has been generated for your game, some parts of ModTool, and the game's api dll's that have been added in the ModTool settings window.

Creating the Mod Exporter package

The package will be automatically generated and included in the game's directory when you build the game in Unity. It can also be created at any time by using the ModTool menu.

generate exporter

The package will be named "<productName> Mod Tools.unitypackage".


ModTool relies heavily on AssetBundles, which means mods can only be created with the same version of Unity that was used for building the game. The exporter will check if the correct version is used and inform the user if that's not the case.

Unity can only use Components in interdependent assemblies when all of the assemblies are placed in the same folder. Because of this, ModTool will move all API assemblies to the ModTool folder before creating the exporter.