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Finding Mods

ModTool will look for mods automatically. It does this by monitoring one or more directories for any added, changed or removed mods.

ModTool's default search directory is the "Mods" folder inside the game's install directory. On Android, this is based on Application.persistentDataPath. It's possible to add or remove search directories.

ModTool keeps a collection of available Mods and provides events for whenever a Mod is added, changed or removed.

Search directories

ModManagermods contains all Mods that are currently available. The ModManagerModsChanged event will be triggered when this collection changes.

ModManagerModFound will occur when a new Mod has been found. ModManagerModRemoved will occur when an existing mod has been removed.

ModmodInfo contains all of a Mod's info, like the kinds of content that is included in the Mod, the Mod's name and the Mod's version.

A Mod instance will become invalid when a change is detected in its folder. For example, when a Mod's files are removed. Make sure that you're not using old Mod instances that are marked invalid. Invalid Mods won't load.

See Loading a mod for more information on how to load the available Mods.